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Monday, 4 April 2016

Business Portrait Session - LinkedIn Profile

Best headshot profile pic in Sydney North Shore
Simon needed a variety of images for business purposes including his LinkedIn profile, some articles he is writing, public relations, press releases and use on a website.

So in order to provide him with a range of images, we shot both casual and more formal images. We used a couple of different backgrounds, lighting setups and changes of outfit.

I think we did ok!  See for yourself on Simon's LinkedIn profile. 
Best headshot profile pic in Sydney North Shore

Best Headshot Profile Pic in Sydney North Shore

Best Headshot Profile Pic photographer in Sydney North Shore

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Your Profile Photo Is The Most Important Thing On LinkedIn

You know yourself when looking over someone's profile on LinkedIn, the first thing you do is check out their photo.  I personally get messages and requests daily. If there isn't a photo, I delete it immediately. If it is a bad photo, I think about it a second, then delete it. If it is a nice professional photo showing a confident business person, I definitely check out their profile and most likely add them as a contact.

Don't just take my word for it. The Ladders research into recruiter behaviour proves it. As shown in the heat map below, whilst looking over profiles, the first place the recruiter looked was the photo and they spent 19% of their total time looking at it. That's a lot of heat!

Business Insider has some great tips on the do's and don'ts for you profile photo. And as it isn't that expensive, I would say it is an easy investment. My basic headshot sessions are only $175 and this image should last you a good couple of years before you need an update. When your credibility and your employability is enhanced ten fold, it seems like this would be the best $175 you have ever spent!

Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can see more of her work at

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Profile Portrait, Drama Therapy & Play time in The Studio

Amanda is a Dramatherapist currently based in Sydney but shortly making the move to Darwin. She was in need of a profile portrait for her soon to be revamped website. At the end of the portrait session we decided that it was time for some Dramatherapy!

Following success in the UK, USA & other countries, Dramatherapy supports people in connecting with the playful part of themselves in an environment free from judgement. Clients are invited to connect through movement, voice, improvisation, role, character and story meanwhile promoting therapeutic results in addition to psychological healing, insight , growth and well-being.

Playing With Spirit specifically explores the connections between the Sesame Approach and the culture of the Indigenous Australian people so the move to Darwin will be entirely amazing for Amanda and look forward to hearing about her results...

If you would like to contact Amanda, here website is Playing with Spirit

Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can see more of her work at

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Textile Designer Portrait and Exhibition

Chantal O'Reilly, is an amazing textile Designer, who needed some quality images for her website and upcoming exhibition. 

Chantal conceptualised the lush fabrics draping over the rustic ladder. So it was my job to work out the best backdrop and lighting in order to compliment the fabrics and flatter their designer! 

I chose the brown/black canvas backdrop that I had hand painted as the most complimentary in colour, texture and overall effect.

As far as lighting, I went for diffused, soft lighting on both the fabrics and the client. I really liked the way the lighting brought out the soft, shiny texture of the fabric.

First things first though. Makeup for our Designer. 

MJ (Makeup by MJ) is fantastic and does a lot of work for the studio. Professional makeup makes all the difference to the final image. Having a proper base means less shiny patches on the skin for a start. Also, the artist brings out the clients features so they further appreciate the end result. Who doesn't like to look their best!

How exciting to see the finished products on exhibit!

There were many visitors from the Design world including Interior Decorators to Fashion Designers such as well known Akira. (people absolutely giddy with excitement that he was in attendance). And happily there was plenty of interest in in Chantals designs. Here are a few. You can check her website for many other wonderful designs.

Chatal at the exhibit with her hubbie and biggest supporter

Two creatives working together was just simply a whole lot of fun! 

Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can see more of her work at

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

2 year old Boy - Relaxed Portraits at Home

Definitely Looking Comfortable!!
Little kids are always most comfortable in their own surroundings which is why I enjoy shoots at the clients home. It helped that this gorgeous garden had lots of beautiful chairs, trees and plants to use.

I began my photography life as a black and white film shooter (TMX100 girl) so my heart still goes toward the black and whites. The lack of colour allows the image to be less distracting and the focus on the subject. It also provokes a mood that the colour does not. They also work well in any situation so easy to print and place around the home or office because they do not impose their colour identity on to a room. I still like the colour. It is just a different feel.

The other great thing about shooting little ones is that I get to be a kid again. I get to be playful and have a fun time hanging out. Love it!

Cracks me up!!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Teen Portrait Shoot - On Location, Preparation Is The Key!

What I liked about this shoot was the planning and preparation on behalf of the client and I (mostly the client). I like being prepared but its not always possible with the craziness that is my life!

We booked a date months in advance to take advantage of all of our busy schedules giving us time to prepare our vision for the final images. This included finding the perfect location and preparing a wardrobe and hairstyle ideas.

When my usual location ideas did not match the clients expectations, I went on a quest to find the ideal place to shoot. 

Luckily for me, I mentioned it to a few people and one of them came up with these glorious gardens. Stone pathways and steps, beautiful colour and best of all privacy.

Now all we had to do was relax and take some great shots!

It was late afternoon so the sun made a lovely backlight as well as casting glorious colour. 

As we were using the sun as backlight, we had to fill the foreground. This is where my trusty assistant comes in. He is taller than a light stand so he is able to angle the light just where I need it. Usually emulating the sunshine, high above me and angled down onto the subject.

I used my Canon Speedlite for this shoot with an Interfit Softbox and Pocket Wizard radio transmitters. I also used my Westcott reflector for a more subtle look when needed.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Summer Swim Action - Duel In The Pool

Everyone got into the spirit for the inaugural SMNE Duel In The Pool Meet. Hosted by Knox at Pymble Ladies College pool, each team chose a theme. Disco, Smurfs, Rockstars, Hawaiians and Wizards abound. Even the coaches came dressed up!

Despite the miserable weather the swimmers had a blast! 

First up was the Mixed Up Relay. Each swimmer drew a card with their stroke order on it. Each race started with the backstroke but a Breastroker could then be racing a Flyer so you don't know who is going to win the race until the very end...the kids LOVED it!

All of the following races were mixed so that the girls and boys raced together..

The teams collected points along the way and after each progress announcement, you could hear the whispers, we need to win another few races..etc. Such great team building. There was loads of yelling from the stands too..good job parents and grandparents.  Can't wait for the next meet!

Smurfs help with timing!
Cheering on her team!

Lane Cove Coaches?

Papa Smurf

Coach Michelle

Such a fun meet...there was lots of swim smiling!

The 8 and 9 year olds swam brilliantly!

The whole gang!