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Beautiful Baby Portraits - Babies and more Babies

This has been a week of babies and I just LOVE photographing such sweet, innocent and peaceful beings. What a pleasure!

Nina Goes Country

I had a terrific time out at the stables in Sherwood where the Johnson family keep their horses. Thankfully, all animals and humans co-operated and we were able to get the shot! Yee ha!

Theatre Photo's Make The Advocate


Magic Theatre Photo Shoot

Yesterday, I photographed the MHCC Theatre's production of "Magic Theatre" for children. The images will be published in The Advocate newspaper. It was great fun and again reignited my enjoyment of theatre. A couple of the images are Matt Kallio's who assisted on the job. Thanks Matt.

Willamette Fundraiser

This month, I am photographing families of Willamette Primary School to raise money for the PTA who then use the money to make the educationional experience of our children more enjoyable. I have raised several thousand dollars over the years but best of all, I have met the most wonderful families and watched them grow. We have been extremely lucky with the most gorgeous weather. I am very excited about the results. The colors are amazing!

Family Stein

Lovely family. I tried a Grecco lighting setup and just loved it. Decided against a hair light but did try the same setup with the hairlight on another client and it was great but different look. Daly looking so handsome. Love that Amanda brought the family a change of clothes!

Haig and Jen Get Married

What a wonderful couple. It was such a pleasure to photograph them. I hope they like their images. There are so many. Check my website soon for more. Bruce looking terribly debonair!

Emily Johnson Models

What a great time we had today for Emily's first shoot. We worked on images that might go in her portfolio if she decides that she may give modelling a try. First we did all natural shots. Emily is not wearing any makeup except for a little black drama under her eyes. Then we dressed her up with full makeup and hair... What do you think?

Forest Park

I had fun today. I finally got a chance to relax and photograph for fun. See what you think...

Canon 40D versus 20D

Whilst very nice to use, there is little difference in picture quality between the 20D and 40D. I just love my 20D but I have shot thousands of images and it is beginning to show signs of age! See what you think. SETUP I shot this on a tripod with a Alien Bees 1600 with Medium Softbox. This image was taken with the 20D... This image is taken with the 40D.... Closer up. 20D 40D 20D 40D

"Sick Puppies Come To Town"

Wow! What a blast I had meeting these wonderful musicians. The Sick Puppies came to Portland supporting Evanescence who played The Rose Garden November 18. Although this was the first band I have photographed, my experience shooting theatre helped enormously with the lighting. I got to interview the band which was enlightening. Brilliant but humble, worldly but young! I remember those days. Then it was time for performing. The band huddled together and after some inspiring words, launched on to the stage with bravado! The concert was incredible. Portland concert goers loved the band as well. After the concert, I photographed the fans waiting to have T-shirts and CD's signed. There was an incredible buzz. I spoke with some fans and they said "We came to see Evanescence but LOVE The Sick Puppies!".