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Portrait of a Pianist

Yesterday, I re-created this stage-like shot with my alien bees. We were actually in the living room where James Blackburn gives his lessons. Behind him were two full length windows and a bookcase that I had to drop out. I used two lights. I had a third set-up with a snoot for the face but decided against it. This was a lot of fun!

Beautiful Children's Portraits

Today, (of course the day that I am feeling under the weather and am taking it easy) my daughter and her playmates decide to dress up and allow me take photographs of them. They are starting to enjoy being photographed and relax more in front of the camera. I used my Alien Bees and 40D in the front yard. Post production in Photoshop. Here is one of the shots. I'll post more as I go through them.

Beautiful Baby Portrait

Miss Elliott was the most delightful baby. At just 9.5 months, she is complacent and contented beyond her years. I love how she pensively looks out the window to watch what is going on outside. This photo has a Silverefex Pro Holga filter on it.

Willamette Auction Project

I am very excited to be photographing for the this year's auction project. I will be taking a variety of candids and posed images, then making these photographs available to all families in the school. Special packages will soon be announced and 20% of all profits will go back to the Auction Project and in turn to the school.