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Business Headshot - Portrait of a Celebrant..

Today I had the lucky pleasure of meeting Mr Ross Wellings. A Chatswood resident for at least 40 years, it turns out that The Wellings had been neighbors of The Beilbys way back in 1971. A Civil Marriage Celebrant, Mr Wellings was in need of updated business portraits for his   website   and profile on . I was happy to oblige.  An endearing man, I couldn't think of anyone better to reside over a wedding.      

Tween Portrait Session

What to do with a Tween boy? Not too much actually. Little James was brilliant at having his own fun. His mother had prepared him well and he was relaxed and completely comfortable in front of the camera - the perfect subject! Rather, it was I who experienced difficulties. Of the technical kind, that is. I had tested my lights the day before and they had worked well. A tricky setup where I am sending my USA lights through a converter and battery pack but apparently I had blown a fuse and didn't realise it. However, we managed to make it work.

Swim Action Photography - SMNE Nov 2011

Another successful meet for the Lane Cove Swim Club. We really enjoy these SMNE meets as they are well organized, they combine the little and big swimmers and they are generally on also was great that we won the door prize - a money tree full of scratch-it tickets. Here are some of the highlights: