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Anzac Day 2012 - Lest We Forget

For my international friends, ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. When our troops landed on the beach in Gallipoli on this day in 1915,  an astonishing number of our soldiers lost their lives. The Allied death toll for this tragic campaign was over 44,000 and so it soon became our national day of remembrance. For all those who have sacrificed in the name of peace, we thank you!  Along with the marching soldiers come the many wonderful and colourful bands. Many of our schools perform in the ceremony including bands from both my boys schools, Marist College and Knox. My Son's School Band. As each group passes the War Memorial, they lower their instruments and signs and all eyes are left in respect. If you would like to see more about the Marist College Band, please visit my personal blog . Thanks for reading!

Beautiful Teen Girl Portrait- Funny Faces-Too Much Fun!

After a few hours of shooting, set changes, outfit and hairstyle changes, we decided to blow off some steam. Just in the casual shirt she came in, Shelly sat for some fun natural shots. We were trying to get the fan going to blow back her hair but it was a mess and we just ended up laughing. The real fun started when Shelly began pulling some amazing expressions. It strikes me how beautiful she remained even when she contorted her face so!

High School Formal Dance Photography - Killara High School

Professional portraits for your high school dance or dinner? I wish they had thought of this when I went to high school! Although I remember it vividly, I do not have one image of my year 10 formal. What a fabulous idea! 20 years from now, these kids will love showing these happy snaps to their kids. They will reminisce about what they wore, how great they looked, who their friends were and how much fun they had! I had a wonderful time and all the kids were amazing! They just fell into their poses for the formal shots, each guy and girl looking as though they had stepped out of a magazine! Sometimes the formal consists of a dinner but tonight we are dancing away at Home Nightclub at Darling Harbour, downtown Sydney.