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Swim Action Photos - Cherrybrook Carlile LC Meet 2012

Thank you to Narelle and other organisers at Cherrybrook Carlile for inviting me to shoot at their meet this past weekend. It was great to switch to the long course format for an interesting change. All of the images are available on my swim site. (click here )

Puppy Power - ASDOG - Support Dog Talk At Sydney University

I recently had the pleasure of helping a friend and dog trainer extraordinaire, Ann, at her ASDOG informative talk at Sydney University.  Ann, as well as other dedicated trainers, raise carefully selected Labrador or Golden Retriever puppies toward being support dogs for those people with disabilities who would like to maintain a bit more independence.  I marveled as these dogs demonstrated their skills at turning on light switches, picking up dropped mobile phones and keys, carrying baskets and much more. There is a long list of clever abilities on the ASDOG website. I wish my kids were as helpful at putting things away! Picking up a dropped notepad.. Pulling up her owners blanket. As well as being clever and helpful, they are pretty darn cute.

Babies Galore-Newborn Baby Portraits on Black Background