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Textile Designer Portrait and Exhibition

Chantal O'Reilly , is an amazing textile Designer, who needed some quality images for her website and upcoming exhibition.  Chantal conceptualised the lush fabrics draping over the rustic ladder. So it was my job to work out the best backdrop and lighting in order to compliment the fabrics and flatter their designer!  I chose the brown/black canvas backdrop that I had hand painted as the most complimentary in colour, texture and overall effect. As far as lighting, I went for diffused, soft lighting on both the fabrics and the client. I really liked the way the lighting brought out the soft, shiny texture of the fabric. First things first though. Makeup for our Designer.  MJ ( Makeup by MJ ) is fantastic and does a lot of work for the studio.  Professional makeup makes all the difference to the final image. Having a proper base means less shiny patches on the skin for a start. Also, the artist brings out the clients features so they further appreciate the end resul