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Puppies In The Studio! - Australian Support Dogs (ASDOG)

How much fun is my job! Today I got to photograph some very special puppies. These puppies are in training to provide support to people with physical disabilities.  Not to be confused with the guide dogs, Support Dogs are trained to get the mail, fetch your car keys, grab a tin of food from the pantry, open the fridge or oven door even grab the phone for their person. Besides which, they are really cute and wonderful companions. ASDOG is a non profit organisation so they do rely on the support of our community which is why I was happy to help. Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can see more of her work at .  Social Media:   Facebook   |   LinkedIn    |    Twitter Thanks for visiting!

LinkedIn & Website Profile Portraits - Chatswood Studio

When execs stop by the studio for their portraits, this is what a regular headshot session looks like. We check that clothing, makeup (if any), and hair are all put together then we decide on our background colour choices. We look at a 5 second slideshow if the client has not already looked on my website and made their decision.  Depending on the industry, the chosen colour can vary. The corporate's from the Tech or Pharmaceutical industries seem to go for the blue. It looks professional but stands out when you are scrolling through hundreds of little heads on LinkedIn. Gray is very popular because it looks extremely professional and doesn't offend. White is often the standard for many a company website because it is easy to associate with other colours already used and the person can be cut out of the background easily and also used in newsletters etc. We shoot from a few different angles and apertures so that we capture as many variations as possible.

Sydney Turns Purple

Chatswood The best thing about November in Sydney is the colour.  Gorgeous purple flowers against deep blue skies. It is the end of spring. The days are getting warmer and there is a definite lift in mood as summer approaches. Mostly the colour comes from the Jacaranda Tree's which line the streets of Sydney's North Shore and other suburbs. I have taken these photos around Chatswood and Lane Cove. Also, flowering at this time are Agapanthus which border many front garden and fence  here in our Northern suburbs. Agapanthus, McLean Ave, Chatswood Kareela Road, Chatswood Karilla Street, Lane Cove Chatswood buildings surrounded by colour One minor drawback is that it can get messy! Although for all of this beauty, I don't mind a bit of mess. Besides, there is usually a massive southerly at some point which blows it all away. That's Sydney for you! Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney,