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Top 5 Photo Tips for Lifestyle Bloggers

Great photography is vital to lifestyle bloggers who want to stand out and get results. Impactful images get increased engagement on your posts, as well as attracting new followers. Here are my top five tips for great photos.

Pick a location that compliments the theme of your blog and at the same time provides you with a variety of scenes within a short distance from each other. That way you can capture various different looks, quickly, building a library of stock images to use for future posts.

My aim is 2 hours shooting, 5 different locations and looks with approximately 100 images (Stay tuned for my upcoming post on my favourite locations.)
These were all taken in the same block for fashion blogger, Kirsty, With Love..

Always the key to any good photography is lighting. Whether you manipulate the natural elements or use lighting equipment to achieve your look, it should match your style.

For a more fashion look, use flash equipment and for a softer feel, use shade or an …