Sakura - Interior Photos of a Stunning Bed and Breakfast and Retreat, Your Sneak Preview.

I was recently invited to experience Sakura, a bed and breakfast and health spa tucked among the rolling green hills of the Waikato district just outside of Cambridge, New Zealand. The official opening will be in August 2016 but here is your preview of the sumptuous interiors of this wonderful retreat, lovingly built and decorated by owners, Lloyd and Gwen. 

There is an overwhelming feeling of light and space when you first enter Sakura. It is open and spacious yet warm and comfortable.

The Gourmet Kitchen
Make yourself a cup of tea and sit in wonder at the forest scenery just outside. Sunrises and sunsets are glorious here so you may catch one of those as well.


Hobbiton Movie Set Tour - A Definite New Zealand Must Do

I have not read or seen Lord of The Rings, yet I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I had read The Hobbit  and watched the film so I, had some idea and of course, know of the legendary director Peter Jackson.

Still, I found the entire village fascinating, even magical. This was not only due to sets and scenery but the fabulous stories told by our host like how the location was discovered, how news of the location leaked, how trees were planted and leaves handsewn, what filming tricks were used and where certain scenes were actually filmed. 

I just adored the Hobbit homes. Maybe because I'm actually hobbit sized myself. 

I hesitate to show you so many pictures because I really think you should go and experience it for yourself but if you have no immediate plans to visit, feel free to look on.

Blue Spring Te Waihou Walkway - No Longer A Secret

Well, this glorious Spring used to be a well kept local secret. Not any more. A walkway has been built, a viewing deck and bathrooms installed.  Even the roads to the Spring are being upgraded as we speak to cope with the influx of tourist traffic heading here. I hope people are respectful so that it will remain a sacred and beautiful place for a long time to come.

Such a peaceful place. I could sit here and meditate for hours. There is something wonderfully spiritual about it.

After a very short walk, you are rewarded with a lovely waterfall. This little section is no longer on the walkway and gets muddy and slippery so bring appropriate shoes. Especially if you want to climb rocks and hang from trees to take photos like I did!

Look for Rose Milligan's poem engraved on plaques placed on 4 large boulders on your way out from the trail. It is so appropriate and meaningful for this amazing and peaceful place.

Dust If You Mustby Rose Milligan Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be bett…

Cambridge, New Zealand - Not What I'd Expected!

After miles and miles of rolling deep green hills dotted with sheep and cattle, we arrive in Cambridge. Much to our surprise and delight, it was not at all what we expected to find 135 kilometres (83.9 miles) from Auckland.  

Cambridge is a quaint mix of colonial traditional and hipster all set amongst well maintained lush gardens and flagstone pavements. 
And as we were to discover, Cambridge is not only home to dairy farmers and horse breeders but also elite athletes. National sport organisations like cycling, rowing, and triathlon are based here.