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Christmas Card Samples

Here are just a few designs. Please stay tuned for more designs....

Family of Six Photographed in West Linn - Family Portrait

What a fabulous family and wonderful children, each with their unique outstanding personality made for a fun afternoon of  shooting.

This family have an avid appreciation of photography so I had to keep on my toes and come up with some different ideas as well as add in a few more traditional ones.

Clearly at ease with each other, the family fell into poses very naturally. I suppose because we were in their home, this added to their comfort.

Just in time for Christmas

We photograph around the same time each year, just in time Christmas cards and gifts. What a terrific family and location. The fall colors were wonderful and as the sun set, the light was pure golden. Just lovely!

Fun Family Portrait

This was so much fun! Everyone was relaxed and comfortable. We had a terrific time.
The location was Fields Park. I used a combination of natural light, reflector and strobe. I like that these images make me smile!

Ready for the winter!

Well, I got out the paints and created a backdrop that I am extremely excited about! I love the drama I can create with lighting.

Here I've used a three light setup. Sometimes I use four.

I love the mood of the tinted image and the vibrance of the color.

I also love that I have the flexibility to shoot indoor or outdoor.

Adorable 2 year old Portraits

Just some of the shots from this wonderful shoot. This time the setting is Willamette Park. We had perfect lighting and a perfect new assistant (thank you Ali) and perfect weather - just as we finished the shoot, it started to rain so we really had good luck!

Gorgeous Girl In The Park!

What a fun time we had! My subject was just adorable, fun and happy. A photographer's dream. We had fun going to different locations, dressing up, playing and just having a wonderful time.

Gorgeous two year old photoraphs!

Alex was energetic to say the least but what a delight! I think once he stopped running (when we occupied him with snails and spiders and waterfalls), we were ok!

Wonderful Angelica!

The happiest child I have ever photographed! It was difficult for her not to smile! I had to catch her in a pensive moment.

All too much!

Don't we all have days like this!
What a great shoot! Reminding me of the challenges of a two year old. Love it!

Two Little Brothers

Photographing these two gorgeous boys on location in West Linn was a lot of fun!

We had blazing sunshine to deal with but we did find a shady spot and kicked some light in with a daylight reflector. The dappled light and soft shadows add to the mood of these shots. The sun gave us the beautiful contrast and vibrant colors which I love.

Newborn Photographed in the Field!

I just love it when parents instigate a challenge to being a little different to the ordinary. So you can imagine that I was delighted when the mother of this newborn allowed me to photograph her baby in the field!