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Boudoir Night

This is a terrific night of fun and glamour! A group gets together at home (this can be girls or couples). Serve a few cocktails whilst I setup my portable studio and lighting equipment and the hair and makeup artist gets to work. You can bring up to five changes of lingerie or go for the simplicity and art of a naked photograph. email me for more details:

Glamour Portrait Night

On this fabulous evening, you bring your friends together for a night of glamour. I bring my portable studio and lighting equipment, plus a hair and make-up artist and together we make stunning images. As a thank you for hosting the evening, you will receive your session, prints and images FREE . For ONLY $55 each (or $75 with hair/makeup) your friends will receive: . the photo session . 3 gorgeous portrait prints . 3 web images (you can use these for your facebook page, website or business cards) Just look at these before and after shots of a few of my most recent clients. SHARON... MERRYN... CAROLYN ...