The Love Story Part 6 - The Sydney Arrival

As diffused morning rays filter through my bedroom window, I stretch luxuriously, prise my eyes open and swipe my phone awake. I smile contentedly as I am greeted with a cheery,

"Good morning, Nina. Sleep well?

He will arrive today.

I caress the space beside me. The time zone difference has been excruciating. It will be a relief to have him here waking up by my side. Sleep has evaded me often over the past seven months. I was restless thinking about what he was up to and only truly relaxed when I knew he was asleep. I caught myself glancing at my watch, calculating the time difference, pondering his whereabouts. Right now, he should be on the train into London to meet his daughter for breakfast at Dishoom or, this afternoon he'll be with his brothers bellowing expletives at a Charlton game. It's a tribal thing.

The author of my anxiety was the disbelief that this love at first sight fairytale was actually playing out. This fantastical adventure was indeed happening to me. Would I finally realise the love I had so desired but that had somehow eluded me? Will my charming Englishman help me realise the deep connection for which I had so longed?

I desperately want everything to be perfect. By now, I have moved into a spacious, modern apartment nestled in a quiet corner of a North Shore Sydney suburb. The double terrace doors provide a window into the glorious Australian bushland where the sun rises through the eucalypts to a cacophony of birdlife. It will make the perfect love nest.

I have taken a term off teaching, shut down my photo studio and notified my clients that I am taking a few months off. I am so confident in the success of our relationship that I discreetly apply for British citizenship. It gives me options.

After months of anticipation, today is the day.

I dress in a carefully selected summery outfit, white shorts and a sky-coloured halter top that nicely set off my blue eyes. Feeling like a human-sized ball of twisted tension poised to unravel, I'm not quite sure how I drove to the airport.

Waiting. Waiting.

Is that him? No. Will I remember what he looks like? Of course! How could I forget his tall sleek body, his gently receding hair, his knowing eyes, and his soft smile?

And there he is...

My heart just about stopped. A bolt of realisation shot right through me. I gasp. Beaming a smile as large as I could manage, I race to him and embrace his beautiful self with all the strength and love I have in me.

He is actually here.

He returns the hug. Nervously. Excitedly. It's happening. It is actually happening.

Back at my apartment, I am nervous but allow him to be my guide. He jumps into the shower and leaves the door open so I get my first glimpse of his nakedness. I unrobe in the bathroom across from him and tentatively wash. I know he is watching me.

A ladies bum with a mans hands on it

We make our way into the bedroom. As our naked skin touches for the first time, electricity runs through me. Heat builds as intense arousal begins to take over my body. Kissing and touching as I'd imagined it all this time. 

Then, our lovemaking becomes urgent and chaotic. We tussle about, this way and that. He begins to get a frustrated look on his face. He goes limp. It's not happening for him.

Suddenly he stops.

We slump into the pillows. He holds my hand. His face perplexed. "Nina, can we just be friends?" 

Of all the scenarios that played out in my head, this was not one of them. Not the first night. Not like this. What should I do now? 

The story continues here...

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As it does, life took a devastating sideways turn for me. With fierce determination, I quit my teaching job, shut down my photography business, packed up my apartment, hired an agent and rented it out on Airbnb, bought a ticket to London and embarked on an adventure of discovery, both about the world and myself. I’ve learned a great deal about people, places and myself. I’m happy that you are here for the ride. Nina x

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Sue said…
This is unbelievable!!!!!!!!
Nina Beilby said…
I know. Sadly though, it's true and gets even more heartbreaking.😭
Anonymous said…
My favourite chapter yet! What a read! keep em coming (poor turn of phrase 🤣).
Nina Beilby said…
Already writing the next one.
Ha ha. 😂 Too funny.

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