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Adorable 2 year old Portraits

Just some of the shots from this wonderful shoot. This time the setting is Willamette Park. We had perfect lighting and a perfect new assistant (thank you Ali) and perfect weather - just as we finished the shoot, it started to rain so we really had good luck!

Gorgeous Girl In The Park!

What a fun time we had! My subject was just adorable, fun and happy. A photographer's dream. We had fun going to different locations, dressing up, playing and just having a wonderful time.

Gorgeous two year old photoraphs!

A lex was energetic to say the least but what a delight! I think once he stopped running (when we occupied him with snails and spiders and waterfalls), we were ok!

Wonderful Angelica!

The happiest child I have ever photographed! It was difficult for her not to smile! I had to catch her in a pensive moment.

All too much!

Don't we all have days like this! What a great shoot! Reminding me of the challenges of a two year old. Love it!