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Newborn Girl Portrait

There is definitely something in the water! I have been photographing newborns all week! Just a week old and Kennedy has the sweetest smile!

Newborn Portrait Session

This week I had the pleasure of photographing newly born, Cecilia. Though just over one week of age Ceci, (named so by her family) has all the being of a much older baby. She is alert, attentive and full of energy, which is unusual in a newbie. I am certain that she was even having a conversation with us at one time! I had the sets, lighting and exposures all ready for a smooth shoot. For this I used my American Girl Doll as a stand-in. I started with this white, cloud-like setting for which the tutu was perfect. I used a two light set-up with a large Octabox for softness. Ceci looks as though she is an angel floating down from above. Then I moved on to the more dramatic black background for dad to hold his daughter for size comparison though as you can see, Ceci is not a small baby! I have dozens more ideas so look for more images in the future.