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The Team Photograph... Clubs large and small like the team image for their websites and to display at their pool because it demonstrates professionalism, unity and team spirit as in this example of the Oregon City Swim Team, USA . When you swim 6 to 9 times a week, 2 hours each time, your teammates become like family and that's why the kids love to get a print of the team as well. The Swim Portrait... Swim portraits are great because the kids get a chance to look dry and glamorous poolside instead of dripping wet for a change! Action Shots... ...then they can also do some cool action shots as well. Memory Mate Prints... ...or combine the two onto a memory mate print... You can view more images on my website . For more information, or to schedule your team shoot, you are welcome to call or email me anytime!

Business Portraits - Who Said Photo Shoots Aren't Fun!

We setup the backdrop and lighting right there in the BPM Northwest office. Suit jackets were donned, hair was coiffed, ties were straightened and best expressions practiced.  Typically, the last thing corporate executives want to do it have their photograph taken.  It was all business here until one of the guys started making muppet faces. Then it was on.  After this it is was difficult for them to keep a straight face but the mood was light and soon enough, we got some quality corporate images. The space was limited so instead of a backlight, I had the guys sit close to the backdrop. The main and fill lights on either side of the camera provided a natural vignette on the backdrop. All in all, it was a fun morning and we got some great images. You can check them out on my website .