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LinkedIn Profile Photo Portrait Session - Chatswood

On LinkedIn and other business networking venues, your profile photo is your first point of contact with the world. 

Whether you are promoting your business, looking for work, selling products or networking with colleagues, a photo of you knocking back a beer at a party is not going to cut it.

For this profile photo session, we were in the heart of the busy north shore business district, Chatswood. We found buildings, walls, plants and trees enough to do several different looking shots which will suffice for all of the different types of social networking sites that the lovely Amanda required.

At one stage we were approached by security and questioned thoroughly about why we were shooting and to be certain that no signage was included. At first we were a little put out but after a bit, we decided that the guy was playing around with us...ha ha!

It was a really windy day so had I used the pop-up reflectors I had brought, I may have ended up in Fiji. Instead, I used my speedlite and softbox…

Swim Action Photos - District Championships 2012

The SMNE Summer Championships were a blast. There were lots of records and some great photos which were helped along by a new faster, sharper 300mm lens. It was difficult to choose but here are a few favourites. You can view the entire set hereon my swim photos website.

Beautiful Child Portraits - The Loveliest Children

What fabulous children! So happy and obliging. We had a fun time shooting on different backgrounds and locations here at my Chatswood Studio. Whilst some children last minutes, these children gave me an incredible amount of time. I tired well before they did. They loved having their photographs taken and it shows.

Portrait of a Triathlete

We didn't have long for this shoot. 

Jo was to fly out the next morning for Auckland where she was to represent Australia in the ITU World Championship Triathlon.  In addition to being a world class athlete, Jo is also the mother of four young children. So as well as packing up her bike, gear and suits, we had to juggle swim practice, squads and dinner preparations. 

No remote beach or mountainous location for us. We shot by by the pool during swim practice with my daughter on the Speedlite and softbox modifier and Jo's daughter on the reflector.

My challenges included shooting into the full sun. I was worried the Speedlite and reflector couldn't handle the blazing Australian sun but they were perfect and I ended up using it as a lovely back and rim light. I had to drop out the background because cars and buses kept passing or parking behind Jo but this also served to highlight her so I was happy. And lastly, we were shooting mid squad training so I had to try for a clear sho…

Location Business Portraits - Russell Investments

Russell Investments, money management professionals were totally amazing to shoot. Each executive was completely natural in front of the camera so we got some wonderful shots and because we were able to setup the studio on location in the King Street offices, the shoot went seamlessly with minimal interruption to their busy day.

Swim Action Photography - NSW Development Meet 2012

A great meet for loads of young swimmers. Lots of PB's and smiling faces here. If you want to see all of the photo's, just click here. This will take you to my official swim website.

Business Portrait - Profile Photographs - Headshots

Business portraits for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are one of my favourite to shoot. It is so important to have a professional looking image at the forefront of your profile.

In this studio shoot at my Chatswood location, we made a variety of clothing, hair, position, lighting and background changes so that the client would have a selection of images to choose from. These are just a few.

Swim Action Photos - Cherrybrook Carlile LC Meet 2012

Thank you to Narelle and other organisers at Cherrybrook Carlile for inviting me to shoot at their meet this past weekend. It was great to switch to the long course format for an interesting change. All of the images are available on my swim site. (click here)

Puppy Power - ASDOG - Support Dog Talk At Sydney University

I recently had the pleasure of helping a friend and dog trainer extraordinaire, Ann, at her ASDOG informative talk at Sydney University. 

Ann, as well as other dedicated trainers, raise carefully selected Labrador or Golden Retriever puppies toward being support dogs for those people with disabilities who would like to maintain a bit more independence. 

I marveled as these dogs demonstrated their skills at turning on light switches, picking up dropped mobile phones and keys, carrying baskets and much more. There is a long list of clever abilities on the ASDOG website.

As well as being clever and helpful, they are pretty darn cute.