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Boy Child Portraits - More Reluctant Models

This is going to be fun. Truely, if you just look happy in front of the camera for a few shots, we can go home. Really, this is fun. Maybe we can get you a treat on the way home. How about extra game time. This is getting tiring. Are you certain you don't want to loose your iPad privelages? We are losing patience. OK, your iPad has gone for the week. A typical day around here! Hey, I remember saying the exact same things to my own child a few years back whilst tears ran down his face! I think we did ok. Actually, the boys were very sweet, albeit shy!

Tween Girl Photo Shoot - The Reluctant Model

What do you do when your studio is all set and your client postpones?? Grab your daughter and her girlfriend and make them model for you...or not! Please...not another photo shoot! Really not working for me! Model becomes photographer... You can imagine that the daughter of a photographer can, be less than enthusiastic (i.e. when not being bribed with toys or money), about spending yet another  minute behind the camera so I asked her to become the photographer...she took some pretty cool shots. I love it when children take over the camera. It gives me a perspective that I wouldn't have normally considered! The reactions they receive are also different to what I might get. Altogether it worked out pretty well.

Swim Action Photographs - SMNE Summer Qualifying 2012

This was a large and long meet with lots of swim clubs in attendance. Many swimmers were trying to beat their personal best times in order to qualify for the upcoming Metro Championships. Don't miss the opportunity to get some of these wonderful images for your club or yourself. They are available in jpeg or print format. Just email me for the password.