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North Shore Family Fun!

I love it when a shoot comes together. I think preparation was the key. The mum and I chatted about ideas beforehand so the family came fully prepared and most importantly, relaxed on the day.  Even George, the puppy was pleasantly co-operative. We started out with the most important on our list - family shots for grandma... ...then we broke out and had some fun!

Focus of Champions - James Magnussen, Andrew & Matt Abood in the NSW State Open 50m Free

Normally beside the pool, I decided that with James Magnussen, Andrew Abood and Matt Abood among other fine swimmers in such a short and close race, there was no chance of catching an action shot in the water so I decided to rest this one out taking a seat on the dias directly behind to watch. What caught my attention was the incredible focus of the I shot it. Here is the story. Planning the swim. When I watch younger swimmers behind the blocks. They fuss with their goggles, their caps, their suits and every other distraction you can imagine. No such agitations  for these professionals. You can see in their expressions, staring down the length of the pool, that they are running the race through in their heads...such focus! Matt Lane 3, James Lane 4, Andrew Lane 5 Bet you are wondering what happened next? James and Matt tied for second with 22.56 and Andrew made State Open Champion with an awesome 22.38. You can see more highlights from the State