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Family Portrait - Beautiful North Shore Location and Amazing Autumn Colour!

Already excited about the location, I was also pleased that this family was one of the most obliging, happy families that I have ever photographed. Not only were they happy to sit or stand wherever I asked them to, they smiled happily for the entire two hours. It was a super sunny Sunday day so we had to do our best to dodge the radiant autumn sun as well as the many walkers, kayakers and general picnickers to this lovely location. As I had my armory of equipment in addition to my trusty assistant whom we happily had climbing into bushes and hanging out of trees, we did ok. I really enjoy the texture and colour of the sandstone and want to do more here. It really epitomizes Sydney and I just plain like it! I'm used to Sydney being dry then dryer with lots of browns, some green and occasional red but I wasn't prepared for the spectacular yellows that we had today. Makes me want to plant an entire field of American Oak or Maple trees.

Business Portrait - QueenBee

Sharon is the owner of the highly successful maternity wear business, QueenBee . Based here in Sydney with over 10 staff, Australian Businesswomen's Network  (ABN) set out writing an article on her successes and needed a photo to go with it, so Sharon sought my services. Sharon opted for the Premium Business Shoot which included a makeup and hair artist, several clothing, hairstyle and background changes. Firstly, we shot inside the studio with my strobe lights where I opted for my double diffused Octabox. For the more casual requirement made by the ABN, we shot with window light in the studio's viewing area and then outside with diffused natural lighting. It was a terrific session and now Sharon has a great mix of images that will not only suit the requirements of the ABN but a wealth of images for her own websites, blogs and professional sites such as LinkedIn.