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Teen Portrait Shoot - On Location, Preparation Is The Key!

What I liked about this shoot was the planning and preparation on behalf of the client and I (mostly the client). I like being prepared but its not always possible with the craziness that is my life!

We booked a date months in advance to take advantage of all of our busy schedules giving us time to prepare our vision for the final images. This included finding the perfect location and preparing a wardrobe and hairstyle ideas.

When my usual location ideas did not match the clients expectations, I went on a quest to find the ideal place to shoot. 

Luckily for me, I mentioned it to a few people and one of them came up with these glorious gardens. Stone pathways and steps, beautiful colour and best of all privacy.

Now all we had to do was relax and take some great shots!

It was late afternoon so the sun made a lovely backlight as well as casting glorious colour. 

As we were using the sun as backlight, we had to fill the foreground. This is where my trusty assistant comes in. He is t…

Summer Swim Action - Duel In The Pool

Everyone got into the spirit for the inaugural SMNE Duel In The Pool Meet. Hosted by Knox at Pymble Ladies College pool, each team chose a theme. Disco, Smurfs, Rockstars, Hawaiians and Wizards abound. Even the coaches came dressed up!

Despite the miserable weather the swimmers had a blast! 

First up was the Mixed Up Relay. Each swimmer drew a card with their stroke order on it. Each race started with the backstroke but a Breastroker could then be racing a Flyer so you don't know who is going to win the race until the very end...the kids LOVED it!

All of the following races were mixed so that the girls and boys raced together..

The teams collected points along the way and after each progress announcement, you could hear the whispers, we need to win another few races..etc. Such great team building. There was loads of yelling from the stands too..good job parents and grandparents.  Can't wait for the next meet!

Beautiful Portraits of a Young Woman-Fun Photo Fashion Shoot

Everyday that I shoot, it is a fun day for me because I simply love what I do. Today was a little more fun than usual because we got to play with various new lighting setups, some props and hair blowing which I don't normally use in my business portrait sessions or my swim photos!

Dustyn is the Mackay representative for Lipsense Lip Colour as well as managing her own Youtube How-To Makeup  Channel so she knows how to apply a mean lipstick. The rest was up to us.

Dustyn hasn't modeled before but I think that you'll agree that the camera really likes her. The following are completely unedited images.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Camera - The most awesome Canon 1D X.. Lens - Canon 85mm Aperture - 5.6 on the white images and 2.0 on the blue ones
Lighting This lighting diagram is for the images with the white background. Alien Bee B1600 with Beauty Dish as main light Westcott Luminator Reflector for fill Alien Bee B1600 with Bounce Umbrellas for the background
Pretty simple - just a Giant Octabox…