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NSW 2013 State Open Water Swim Championships

Held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre , thunderstorms had been predicted but luckily missed us so we ended up having lovely weather after all. Actually, it got quite warm and had I had a break, I might have jumped in to cool off a bit! 11-12yrs waiting to start Ready, Set, Go..... Start of the Mens 13-15yrs 5km A little hectic at the start but it soon sorts itself out. The strong and experienced open water swimmers pull out ahead right from the beginning and mostly maintain this pace throughout. Some get clear of the pack and find their pace by themselves whilst others stay in a group. One happy swimmer spots her family! What really surprised me was how closely the top swimmers stayed together after such a long race. It really was a fight to the end!  Jarrod Poort and Kane Radford go stroke for stroke for 5km Jared Poort touches first followed closely by Kane Radford Boats patrol the lake and watch fo

NSW 2013 Metro Championship Highlights

Bobby Hurley A pretty fast meet as there aren't age group qualifying times on the 50m races, only Open times. This means I am not as busy because the majority of the families wanting action shots of their swimmers are of the younger age group! I had a little more time to watch a number of amazing swimmers here chasing PB's or National times when I would normally be running frantically around the pool. Here are some of them... Jayden Hadler, SOPAC-200m Butterfly Jordan White, Cranbrook - 200m Butterfly Marieke D'Cruz, SOPAC-50m Freestyle Ami Matsuo, Carlile-200IM It isn't very often that the 1500m comes down to a sprint but it did today! This was the absolute highlight for me. What a race. After 15 + minutes stroke for stroke, the last 50m came down to a sprint. To top this off, a Trifecta for Auburn Swim Club when young Nathan Robinson took third! Lachlan Hansen and Matthew Robinson Auburn-Stroke for Stroke in the 1500m Free On

James Magnussen - Dive Sequence Metro Champs 2013

Personally, I just like to watch James in action. I am not a swimmer but I have to say, his technique looks pretty good to me! And don't you just love the new Arena jammers...  There were some other great swims at Metro from David McKeon , Bobby Hurley and Emma McKeon . I will post some highlights shortly.