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Swim Presentation Event Plus Photo Booth

Well this swim team sure knows how to have fun. What a terrific night and a fabulous team event. The ballroom at the   Novotel Norwest  was the setting and the room looked magical. Swim families were ready to celebrate the end of the swim season and welcome  in the next! The evening started out with Award Presentations and dinner.  A special presentation was made to 41 time World Record Holder, (7 of them from last year) and  International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame recipient, Jenny Whiteley.  Talk About Star Power. In attendance were Ursula and Forbes Carlile MBE . Pioneers and Rock Stars of the competitive coaching and swim school world. It was wonderful to hear their story and watch them make some of the award presentations. The dance floor was pretty popular. Kids and Coaches got to show off their dryland moves! The most popular and fun for us was the Photo Booth that we setup in an adjoining room. All dress