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Photography Causes Shoulder and Neck Damage - The Treatment

I have carried neck pain and tightness in m y shoulders for years. Carrying heavy camera and studio equipment around in addition to 10 hour shoots running around the pool with a 300mm lens eventually took its toll. One time too many, I picked up a large load and sent my rotator cuff into unbelievable pain. I literally cried all night and carried my arm like a broken wing the next day. It was time to get it sorted. I called Physiotherapist Dianne at  Lindfield Physio  who gladly fit me into her schedule immediately. Through ultrasound, electro treatment, massage and strapping we were able to get some relief.  Dianne gave me a number of stretching and strengthening exercises that have become part of my daily routine. Assistant Grace kindly offered to demonstrate for you. Firstly is the support strap. It brought an incredible amount of relief. Ensuring my shoulders were pulled back, not hunched and well supported. Worn over a t-shirt with a cardigan or sweater over that

Studio For Hire / Studio Buddy

With the crazy weather we have been having lately, it's not always possible to shoot outside. This space is ideal. Also terrific for product photography and baby portraits.  Rates are here on my website. Whilst you are there, check out my work. The majority of the images on this site were taken here in the Chatswood Studio. There is a lovely viewing/waiting area. Street parking. 15 minutes walk from the station or bus stop right out front. There are coffee and tea making facilities as well as a microwave.