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Walking Sydney - City to St Leonards

Sean giving us instructions I joined this meetup group some time ago but haven't managed a walk until now. I am so pleased that I finally did. We met in Lang Park in York Street. Our fearless leader, Sean handed us each a map and a few tips and suggestions for staying safe and then we were on our way. Our First Stop at Observatory Hill Setting a pretty fast pace, we headed to Observatory Hill where we quickly stopped to regroup then walked over the Bridge to Kirribilli. There is a water fountain here, so a good spot to refill our water bottles. Here is my map. The part to The Bridge is a little dodgy because of the GPS (I forgot to turn it on..doh!) but the rest is good. You can get to the Bridge numerous ways in any case.  Walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge Kirribilli looking back toward the City Sean waiting for us at Luna Park Lavender Bay or Quiberee Lavender Bay or Quiberee Waverton Oval looking toward McMahons Point Waver

Beautiful Teen Girl Portraits and Family Portrait In The Studio

Before Makeup and Hair These sessions are a favourite because the Teens transform in front of your eyes.  It's not just about the hair and makeup. I get guys in the studio too. It's because they have the freedom to express themselves for who they are and we have a lot of fun.  For this shoot, we did have hair and makeup by the amazing MJ Park . We also added a Family Portrait session in at the end. After makeup and hair You can see more of the shoot here. Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can see more of her work at .  Social Media:   Facebook  |   Twitter    |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram Thanks for visiting!