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Rustic Australian Countryside - The small town of Rylstone

One of the Dam's looking toward Kandos  On the property, Lindoway looking back toward The Shed  It happened. A rare weekend when I wasn't shooting for a client! So I threw the camera in the car and headed three hours out of Sydney to  the Central Tablelands.  I visited a friend's property, Lindoway, in  Rylstone ,  a small town with a population of 615 people and at least 10 times that in sheep! View toward the town of Kandos There are 65 sheep on Lindoway and this is as close as I could get as they are quite skittish. The leader sheep lets out a massive Baa (he tried to sound scary but Baa still sounds cute to me) then they all take off.  Today is particularly warm 30 degrees celsius but it did cool considerably in the evening.  There don't seem to be any mosquitos but the flies certainly make up for it. The great Aussie salute probably originated here! So many flies... There are always jobs to do on a property a