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Location Headshots Give A Consistent Professional Look To Company Website

Business Headshots photographed on Location in Sydney CONSISTENT IMAGES COMMUNICATE PROFESSINALISM... As well as getting images of the entire available staff at once, what I love about location shoots is that the client gets a consistent look across all of their images. This in turn gives their website a uniformity that communicates professionalism. When the "ABOUT" page on a website hosts a number of images which are inconsistent, it makes that company look in incohesive, or even disjointed. TRY MAKING THE SHOOT AT THE SAME TIME AS THE BOARD MEETING... The gear and the photographer also make a difference. We had another photographer shoot in another State with my instructions and the images were completely different. So I guess the only real way to get true consistency is to use the same photographer as best as the budget allows. Sometimes this means waiting for the next board meeting and doing the photo session then! Nina Beilby is a professional photogr