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Ladies - Best Advice and Sites for your Online Dating Profiles

Recently, I've helped a few friends with their dating photos and profiles with fabulous results. Within one week, Miss L has already taken down her profile as she is now dating the perfect guy.  Miss R had 11 messages by the time she got home from our shoot!  Miss T has had several very wonderful dates and is really enjoying herself.  Here are a few key elements that helped them. Men are Drawn to Beauty First  Men are attracted to beauty first so you'll need to make a little effort with your online photos. The good news is that it is your beautiful personality is what will keep him attracted to you for the long term.  Get A Friend To Describe Your Personality If you feel awkward describing yourself, ask your friends what they think and quote them. "My friends say that my most endearing qualities are my smile and bubbly personality." This is from my friend, "Jacinta, you have a beautiful, bright and genuine personality.  Your smile literally lights up th