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Why you need a better Linkedin Photo!

No Photo You know yourself when looking over someone's profile on LinkedIn, the first thing you do is check out their photo.  I personally get messages and requests daily. If there isn't a photo, I delete it immediately.  Bad Photo If it is a bad photo, I think about it a second, then delete it. If it is a nice professional photo showing a confident business person, I definitely check out their profile and most likely add them as a contact. First place recruiters look is your photo Don't just take my word for it.  The Ladders  research into recruiter behaviour proves it. As shown in the heat map below, whilst looking over profiles, the first place the recruiter looked was the photo and they spent 19% of their total time looking at it. That's a lot of heat! Professional Photos are not expensive... Business Insider  has some great tips on the do's and don'ts for you profile photo. And as it isn't that expensive, I would say it is an easy inv

Fashion Style Lighting Setups

For this shoot, I collaborated with the wonderful Blogger and Stylist, Kirsty, with love. She selected the clothing and put the outfits together. You can read her full post here . Hmm. There are probably things I would do differently but I wanted to try this for something different. With headshots, I pretty well use 5 standards lighting setups so it was good to break out of my comfort zone. I also got to use the deep silver parabolic umbrella which was fun. When your model is being cooky! The main light is the Beauty Dish and the fill light is the Deep Umbrella. Because the dish and the deep both have short and abrupt light falloffs, I added the small octa softbox for the suit. A strip light to rim the edge of the suit. I really liked the quality of the Deep and Dish together. I will definitely use this again. EQUIPMENT LIST Profoto B1 Alien Bee 1600 Paul C Buff Beauty Dish Paul C Buff Strip Soft Box Profoto OCF Softbox Octa X Lite Deep Umbrella Paraboli