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When Headshots Matter

This holistic health team at Elemental Health had a great website. Every page was informative, professional and in its entirety the website was aesthetically pleasing. The only glitch was the page featuring the team of practitioners.  It lacked uniformity and professionalism. The photos were dark, badly lit giving them an unfriendly feel.  Before... After... It is really important that when you are looking for someone with whom you will trust you specialist care, that they look competent yet approachable and friendly. When you have a team of people, it is a good idea to choose a backdrop colour that will be suitable for majority of skin types and hair colour as well as work well with the colours on your website so we chose the light grey. You cannot go wrong with grey. It is complimentary for every colour and every skintone. The team have received countless comments so far and plenty of phone calls. Will update the post with more accurate sta