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Puppy Love - Beautiful Puppy Portraits and Lighting Setup

I needed some sample images to show a client. I knew what I wanted to do. I had ideas flying around in my head (such is the life of a creative).  The only way to show someone else what is in your head is to create it so I asked my lovely neighbour if we could borrow Lulu.  Well, Lulu was a dream.  She stayed in the exact spot for the perfect lighting setup. (Doggy treats were definitely the motivating factor.) We also used funny noises and a squeaky toy to get the expressions. In all, we had most of the images within 15-20 minutes. The chair was a last minute thought but so glad as I'm really pleased with this shot. I was so excited by the images that I went out to Kmart and picked up a few more doggy/kitty accessories ready for my next shoot. Can't wait to meet my next mammal subject! FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Here is my lighting setup for the shoot. If you have any questions, pop a comment below this post.