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It had to happen - I finally have covid

  It's frustrating more than anything. I'm not actually sick yet confined to the four walls of my bedroom for fear of spreading this nasty little virus to people who are much more susceptible to becoming very ill with it.  I realise that many people do not have this level of fortitude. There are definitely people out there milling about fully aware they are carrying the virus and probably the reason I caught this darn thing after 3 years of staying clear of it. Still, I'll sit here until I show a negative result on my lateral flow test as much as I really would love to be enjoying the amazing weather we are having this week in London. Stay well and have a great week. Nina 😊 THE AUTHOR That's me. Initially, I thought to describe myself by my profession, I'm a Professional Photographer. Yet, I am much more than my work. I am an insightful, intelligent, adventurous woman on a life journey of discovery about myself and the universe. Every day is an adventure and if you