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Spring Splash - Lane Cove Swim Meet

Perfect spring weather. Not too hot or cold. Mostly sunny set the scene for this fun meet. 

Swimmers of all ages competed and when they weren't racing, they were hanging out together playing handball or doing handstands!

It is a perfect team building event.

What impressed me most though was the level of effort and participation by the parents. 

Cooking, marshaling, name it. This meet could not have achieved its success without these fabulous people.

The pace was set by the President, Louise Bain who was a ball of energy racing all over checking that everything and everyone were all going well and to plan.

And then there were the great swims. Not known to be a fast pool by any means, records were broken and PBs made none the less!

The younger swimmers enjoyed collecting their medals whilst the older swimmers were happy to use this as a good training exercise.

I had donated a prize which was luckily won by one of my best clients...I look forward to their family portrait session…

Swimmer Athlete Action Photography - NSW 2013 LC Qualifying Meet Highlights

From 7 year olds last weekend at the Summer Sprints to the "big kids" at this NSW LC Qualifying Meet. The biggest difference.....SPLASH! Bigger and stronger, these guys make a mess of the pool. 
The races are tighter so I have to try to shoot through the leg splash of the swimmer in the parallel lane to the one I'm aiming for then try to focus through their arm splash! A lot of dead images but still some good ones!

What is cool about these guys is their experience and style makes them so beautiful to watch. So streamlined, flexible and powerful!

More images are on my website. Just click here.
See you at the District Championships!

Team & Individual Sport Photography

Or For Something A Little Different.....

Swim Portraits - Speedo Fun!

We spend so much time at the pool, it was finally good to be in the studio again, even if it was for a swim portrait!

These photos are for Brandon's athlete Facebook page which will one day soon be used to help gain swim sponsorship's.

For me, it's good practice for when the big guys, Speedo or Engine come knocking on my door...wish me luck!

Portrait of a Triathlete

We didn't have long for this shoot. 

Jo was to fly out the next morning for Auckland where she was to represent Australia in the ITU World Championship Triathlon.  In addition to being a world class athlete, Jo is also the mother of four young children. So as well as packing up her bike, gear and suits, we had to juggle swim practice, squads and dinner preparations. 

No remote beach or mountainous location for us. We shot by by the pool during swim practice with my daughter on the Speedlite and softbox modifier and Jo's daughter on the reflector.

My challenges included shooting into the full sun. I was worried the Speedlite and reflector couldn't handle the blazing Australian sun but they were perfect and I ended up using it as a lovely back and rim light. I had to drop out the background because cars and buses kept passing or parking behind Jo but this also served to highlight her so I was happy. And lastly, we were shooting mid squad training so I had to try for a clear sho…