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Sydney Harbour from Quay Restaurant

Quay Restaurant is situated at the Ocean Liner terminal in Sydney Harbour. After dinner we went for a stroll upstairs and out onto the deck. The view is outstanding. I can understand why so many functions are held here.

Sydney Landscape - Super Moon Sunset

I was super excited to wait on the rise of the Earth's Super Moon, this past Sunday. I watched the kids frolic in the warm autumn water and sand for some time and was beginning to worry that the headland was rather too far out and that we may have missed this once in a long while opportunity when all of a sudden it was there in all of it's full amazing glory!

 These images are all straight out of the camera, no Photoshop, no editing except for the following one which is two exposures (one slow and one fast) combined to get the soft waves. My sensor is completely filthy due to several recent shoots at beach and park locations, so don't look too closely or you will see loads of blobs! 

Nelson Bay - Peaceful Paradise

You can read the full post here but in the meantime, here are a couple of the peaceful moments I captured this weekend at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, NSW.

Beautiful Landscape Photography - East of Portland

What a fabulous time with fellow photographer, Bruce MacGregor. A trip down Highway 97 was also a trip into the past and afforded us many photographic opportunities. We were both interested in buildings or scenery with character and we found a few indeed. In fact, we got so carried away, we missed lunch. (oh and the fact that all the towns were practically deserted and there weren't any restaurants contributed to this).