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Willoughby Symphony Orchestra & Choir

Music was my entire life for about the first 20 years. It saved me from insanity. It was my escape. I played piano, pretty well. Violin not so well. But singing was where I won accolades. Music enveloped my life.

For my High School Internship, I worked at The Sydney Opera House as the stand-in for the Ethiopian Princess Aida whilst the lighting guy worked his magic. I bumped into Sir Robert Helpman in the Greenroom and most remarkably got to hang out listening to Dame Joan Sutherland whilst she rehearsed. I credit this as one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

As part of my photography degree internship, I worked with the MHCC Theatre Company so this was all very comfortable and exciting and a great job for me.

Doctor Nicholas Milton made me feel extremely comfortable in his open, genius Conductor kind of way. So creeping around the stage during the performance, with the occasional curious glance from Dr Milton, this is what I came up with.

The Orchestra have a fabulous 2015 pr…

Portrait of a Muscian - Danny May

It was an honor for me to photograph Danny. I really respect his artistic skill and he is such a nice guy as well!

We first met at the Marist College production of Copacabana. I photographed the show and Danny was first trumpet! My son played second trumpet next to Danny which was an amazing experience for him. He was actually introduced to me as "Australia's Best Trumpeter!!

You can see some of the images from the show here.

Danny is out and about playing Jazz in Sydney. You can also see some of his mean jazz skills on this youtube clip! The quality isn't great so you will just have to buy a ticket and go see him perform!!