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Teen Portrait Shoot - On Location, Preparation Is The Key!

What I liked about this shoot was the planning and preparation on behalf of the client and I (mostly the client). I like being prepared but its not always possible with the craziness that is my life!

We booked a date months in advance to take advantage of all of our busy schedules giving us time to prepare our vision for the final images. This included finding the perfect location and preparing a wardrobe and hairstyle ideas.

When my usual location ideas did not match the clients expectations, I went on a quest to find the ideal place to shoot. 

Luckily for me, I mentioned it to a few people and one of them came up with these glorious gardens. Stone pathways and steps, beautiful colour and best of all privacy.

Now all we had to do was relax and take some great shots!

It was late afternoon so the sun made a lovely backlight as well as casting glorious colour. 

As we were using the sun as backlight, we had to fill the foreground. This is where my trusty assistant comes in. He is t…

LinkedIn Business Profile Portrait - The Perfect Shoot

Graham from Blue Chip Wealth Managementwas after a revamp of all of his electronic presence - LinkedIn, Facebook, Emails, Newsletters and Website.

Armed with a variety of ties and jackets along with his well practiced facial expressions and body positions we got straight into it. Within the hour we had for this mini session, we were able to achieve the variety of different looks we were after. From formal poses suitable for the LinkedIn profile to the more casual photos for email and newsletters.

I call it the "perfect" business portrait session because we were both well prepared, fast and efficient and we achieved exactly what we set out to.

State Age SC Championships 2013 - Highlights

Short course season means that it is not so far to run from one side of the pool to the other. I guess it is not very safe to run but as the ultimate people pleaser, I feel compelled to get the shot for my client. Alas, I am going to have to learn to slow down before I end up in the pool!

The lighting was horrid as usual. Even worse this time because it was it was hampered by clouds and the majority of my light is natural. Of course, when the sun finally came out, the officials, understandably, ordered the blinds down because the reflection off the water means they cannot see the strokes and turns. We did our best as usual.

Canon have promised the use of their new 1D X camera and 70-200mm lens which both promise amazing quality in low light so we will see. We may have some new equipment for the Long Course Season...stay tuned!

The portraits were a lot of fun! LOVE shooting portraits...I don't have to run anywhere!

You can view more images on my website. Click here.

Family Portrait - Beautiful North Shore Location and Amazing Autumn Colour!

Already excited about the location, I was also pleased that this family was one of the most obliging, happy families that I have ever photographed. Not only were they happy to sit or stand wherever I asked them to, they smiled happily for the entire two hours.

It was a super sunny Sunday day so we had to do our best to dodge the radiant autumn sun as well as the many walkers, kayakers and general picnickers to this lovely location. As I had my armory of equipment in addition to my trusty assistant whom we happily had climbing into bushes and hanging out of trees, we did ok.

I really enjoy the texture and colour of the sandstone and want to do more here. It really epitomizes Sydney and I just plain like it!

I'm used to Sydney being dry then dryer with lots of browns, some green and occasional red but I wasn't prepared for the spectacular yellows that we had today. Makes me want to plant an entire field of American Oak or Maple trees.

Business Portrait - QueenBee

Sharon is the owner of the highly successful maternity wear business, QueenBee. Based here in Sydney with over 10 staff, Australian Businesswomen's Network (ABN) set out writing an article on her successes and needed a photo to go with it, so Sharon sought my services.

Sharon opted for the Premium Business Shoot which included a makeup and hair artist, several clothing, hairstyle and background changes.

Firstly, we shot inside the studio with my strobe lights where I opted for my double diffused Octabox.

For the more casual requirement made by the ABN, we shot with window light in the studio's viewing area and then outside with diffused natural lighting.

It was a terrific session and now Sharon has a great mix of images that will not only suit the requirements of the ABN but a wealth of images for her own websites, blogs and professional sites such as LinkedIn.

Swim Portraits - Speedo Fun!

We spend so much time at the pool, it was finally good to be in the studio again, even if it was for a swim portrait!

These photos are for Brandon's athlete Facebook page which will one day soon be used to help gain swim sponsorship's.

For me, it's good practice for when the big guys, Speedo or Engine come knocking on my door...wish me luck!

North Shore Family Fun!

I love it when a shoot comes together. I think preparation was the key. The mum and I chatted about ideas beforehand so the family came fully prepared and most importantly, relaxed on the day.  Even George, the puppy was pleasantly co-operative.

We started out with the most important on our list - family shots for grandma...

...then we broke out and had some fun!

LinkedIn Top 5% Most Viewed Profile!

Pretty decent. My husband said, "Hey, can you do that for me?" I replied, "write something interesting!" There really isn't a secret. I'm no SEO genius. Actually far from it. There are a couple of things that I did learn at college. 

Use headlines with your top keywords, which you have already figured from Google Adwords . 

I'm a visual person so of course my posts have interesting photographs which have been loaded with keywords.

Make sure you write more than 100 interesting words in your post because Google gives you priority.

Include lots of links in your post.

Label your post with loads of relevant keywords.

Share your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus...etc. I have links to social media on my website. It's kind of like a big circle. Each venue takes you to the next one!

Include links to all of your social media venues.

Post regularly.

I think that's about it! Happy posting...

LinkedIn Profile Photo Portrait Session - Chatswood

On LinkedIn and other business networking venues, your profile photo is your first point of contact with the world. 

Whether you are promoting your business, looking for work, selling products or networking with colleagues, a photo of you knocking back a beer at a party is not going to cut it.

For this profile photo session, we were in the heart of the busy north shore business district, Chatswood. We found buildings, walls, plants and trees enough to do several different looking shots which will suffice for all of the different types of social networking sites that the lovely Amanda required.

At one stage we were approached by security and questioned thoroughly about why we were shooting and to be certain that no signage was included. At first we were a little put out but after a bit, we decided that the guy was playing around with us...ha ha!

It was a really windy day so had I used the pop-up reflectors I had brought, I may have ended up in Fiji. Instead, I used my speedlite and softbox…