NSW Swimming - Official Photographer!

Well, it's official. Contracts have been signed and I am now the official photographer for NSW Swimming. You will find all your official swim action photographs from all NSW Swim events such as State Championships, Metro Championships, Country Championships and more, all hereon my official swim site. 

I will offer prints, canvases, jpegs and Memory Mates with the name of the event as well as swimmer name. You just need to sign up at the Photo Desk at each event. Remember, only two swimmers per race so get in early! See you at The Championships.

Sydney Harbour from Quay Restaurant

Quay Restaurant is situated at the Ocean Liner terminal in Sydney Harbour. After dinner we went for a stroll upstairs and out onto the deck. The view is outstanding. I can understand why so many functions are held here.

Stage/Theatre Photography - Copacabana, The Musical

This is a marvellous performance by the boys from Marist North Shore in collaboration with the girl schoools, Willoughby and Mercy College. If you get a chance, do go. It ends this Saturday, June 16th 2012. Tickets are on sale at TRYBOOKING.

Not only is the singing, acting and dancing good, the school band, along with a few sensational friends and led by Rod Herbert, is amazing! Regarded as Australia's premier trumpeter, Danny May's rips into a solo that will send shivers down your spine! You will want to return another night, just to listen to the music...

These guys did a pretty good job too!

Business Portraits - Fun Shoot at Sydney Digital Media Company

Motionlink are digital media specialists based in Crows Nest. Known within the industry as being fast to market with the latest technology together with a high level of quality assurance means they are an industry leader in Digital Cinema Mastering and Advanced Mastering for all forms of Home Entertainment.

A revamp of their website meant new photos and being a highly creative crowd, this proved to be quite innovative! As well as the workplace portrait, the team are having rollover portraits so that when you rollover their image on the "about" page, their thumbs up image appears! Very fun.

The finished product. Check out the Motionlink website for a better look...

Child Portrait - Oliver and Missy, The Labradoodle

What did you say? Working with children and pets is a nightmare. Not quite, but very challenging. Usually one or the other is ok but put the two together and you will definitely be in need of a calming cup of tea afterwards! 

Swim Action Photography - New Site Launched

Because my Flash based website is just SO slow, I decided to launch a new website with Photoshelter to handle the large number of orders coming in for swim action photo's from various meets. 

So far, so good. There are a couple of improvements that I would like to see made in the near future but on the whole, I'm pretty impressed.

Thank you to all my clients who happily gave me feedback regarding the previous site. It helps to know when you're doing something wrong as well as when you get it right!

Here is the link to the new site. It is also available from the splash page on

Beautiful Child Portrait - When You Least Expect it!

What do you do when the dog has had enough...photograph the children! 

Today we were photographing for a pet magazine, (Pet Industry News)  but Missy, the Labradoodle decided to take a break alas Miss Em was not finished. 

It's autumn in Oz right now and the leaves and flowers are all over the ground...such a pretty backdrop (for a short while at least).

Em decided herself that she would like to be photographed and had set her pretty dress and shoes out the night before.

This always makes for the best shoots. Children that actually enjoy the camera as opposed to those who require bribes or treats!!!