Monday, 20 February 2012

SMNE Summer Swim Qualifying with Eamon Sullivan, Geoff Huegill, Matt Abood & Andrew Abood

Matthew Abood....Intense Focus
SMNE (Sydney Metro North East) hosted it's popular Summer Sprint Qualifying Meet, this past weekend. A District meet attended by 9 year olds upwards who are here with the hope of making some personal best times and to get in some race practice before the upcoming school swim carnivals. 

To the delight of these swimmers and spectators, also here to race were Olympians and Australian Champions, Eamon Sullivan, Geoff Huegill, Matt Abood & Andrew Abood. 

The focus and preparation was intense. You can see Matt running the race through his head stroke by stroke.

I had briefly met Matt at Lane Cove Swim Club's recent 50th birthday celebrations. He is a kind and gracious man taking time out in between races to sign the T-shirts of all the awestruck kids.

Eamon Sullivan getting ready to race.

The crowd gathers to watch the 100m Free

Andrew Abood

Abood Brothers before the 50m Free
Geoff Huegill preparing for the 50m Free
There are lots of more photos on my website. Please contact me for the password.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Pet Photography - Product Photography

I am well aware of the old adage, never work with children or pets but I find the challenge they present, half the fun! What's a little Hedgehog poop among friends...

Puppies are like children in that they grow up so fast. Their features and expressions alter as they mature. As with children, I recommend that you take as many images as possible to record this evolution.

The pet can be a little nervous on set at first so a little coercion helps. After the pet has a little sniff around, I give them a tasty treat. Once I get a few photo's on the card, I give them another treat and a break. They end up quite enjoying the experience. In fact sometimes, they do not want to leave!

Combining pets with product photography provides an extra challenge. The brain child of my friend, Alina, we approached this shoot with juxtaposition in mind - Mary K's "Satin Hands" against the grainy skin of the Bearded Dragon and the wiry spines of a Hedgehog against Redkin's "Smooth Down" shampoo.

The Dragon was pretty easy to work with, after I got over my innate fear of reptiles. However, the baby Hedgehogs were a different matter altogether. These little guys ran all of the set. They needed to nap and take potty breaks and boy did they stink!
Hedgehog poop REALLY stinks!!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Speedo Sprints - Event Swim Action Photography

Swim photography is not just about capturing the strokes, although that is fun too. For me, I like to capture moments inside and outside the pool.

The tension as a team mate is swimming a close race. Sheer joy or occasionally disappointment after a tough swim.

This weekend, I am the official photographer for the SMNE Speedo Sprints. A big challenge because it is an indoor venue and the light is low. 

Sometimes the swimmers didn't breathe, especially in the 50's. Other times they breathed away from me. 

There were no breaks. Just 8 hours of walking around the pool taking shots.

I don't really have a sports camera, so I had to rely on timing. My 200mm lens meant that I could only shoot 4 lanes...I really needed two of me!

My memory cards filled up quickly, (approx 40GB) even with reviewing and deleting. I was able to download a card on to my portable hard drive whilst I filled the next card but I was nervous deleting the images from the card so that I could use it again. 

Despite all of the technical issues, I thought it worked out ok.

I will be shooting at SOPAC again this weekend at the District Sprint Qualifying Meet so I may see you there!

The participating teams were excellent...some of these were; Abbotsleigh Swimming Club, Carlile Swimming Club, Knox Pymble Swimming Club, Ku-ring gai Swimming Club, Lane Cove Swimming Club, Northbridge Swimming Club, North Sydney Swimming Club, Hunters Hill Swimming Club, Ravenswood Swimming Club, Terrey Hills Swimming Club, Warringah Swimming Club and Willoughby Swimming Club.

Happy Swimmers
There are around 1,400 images in all available on my website. If you are interested in purchasing prints/jpegs, just email me for the you :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Nelson Bay - Peaceful Paradise

You can read the full post here but in the meantime, here are a couple of the peaceful moments I captured this weekend at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, NSW.