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Portrait of a Muscian - Danny May

It was an honor for me to photograph Danny. I really respect his artistic skill and he is such a nice guy as well! We first met at the Marist College production of Copacabana. I photographed the show and Danny was first trumpet! My son played second trumpet next to Danny which was an amazing experience for him. He was actually introduced to me as "Australia's Best Trumpeter!! You can see some of the images from the show here . Danny is out and about playing  Jazz in Sydney .  You can also see some of his mean jazz skills on this youtube clip! The quality isn't great so you will just have to buy a ticket and go see him perform!!

Sydney Metro Championships 2013 - Highlights

Kenneth To Kenneth To Normally racing around the pool getting portraits of little swimmers, this time I had a little more time to photograph the big guys! A good practice run for the Open Champs which begin March 15th this year, where we expect 80% of The Australian Olympic Team . One such big guy was  Kenneth To . An amazing IM racer, who has many swimming accolades and achievements in addition to famously finishing right behind the legendary Ryan Lochte at the FINA World Championships in 2010. Matt Abood I am also a big fan of Australian and Commonwealth record holder and all around nice guy, Matt Abood.  My son commented that he is also "very funny", as he was photographed here by him receiving his award for the 50m Freestyle along with his other Sydney University Team Mates. There were also loads of aspiring "little swimmers" in top form. Making PB's and breaking records. Witnessing the kids having fun and the sportsmanship d

State Championship 2013 Highlights - 13-18yrs

This was my first long course State meet so I was a little in awe. We even had an Olympian, Jarrod Poort .   What a beautiful swimmer to watch. Easy to photograph because he had perfect, consistent rhythm! Also new to me at the event, a DJ! The lovely Mr Ian Lovegrove presented all the music as well as juggle requests from swimmers for the relays and listen to me babble in between races! Ian encouraged me to try some more creative shots when I wasn't photographing for parents. I did enjoy this. Normally I don't get very much downtime as I'm running around the pool trying to get every possible shot. We had lots of visitors. This year, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Team Canada. A fabulously enthusiastic team that reminded me a lot of our swim family back in Oregon. It seems colour co-ordinated fingernails were the fashion statement of the day! Some people ask if I have a favourite swim stroke to photograph. Not reall

Engagement Photos - Brad and Tatum

  Threatened by one of Sydney's ominous summer thunderstorms, we had to work hastily on this engagement shoot.  As it was overcast, the neutral coloured clothing was perfect for the natural tone look that I wanted for the beach shots and a terrific contrast for the greenery shots. Especially seeing that we didn't have time for clothing changes. The little beach was lovely and there was just enough light to catch a sparkle in the eyes. When it started to drizzle, the forest provided us with protection as well as a gorgeous backdrop! You can view the entire short shoot on my website .

LinkedIn Top 5% Most Viewed Profile!

Pretty decent. My husband said, "Hey, can you do that for me?" I replied, "write something interesting!" There really isn't a secret. I'm no SEO genius. Actually far from it. There are a couple of things that I did learn at college.  Use headlines with your top keywords, which you have already figured from Google Adwords  .  I'm a visual person so of course my posts have interesting photographs which have been loaded with keywords. Make sure you write more than 100 interesting words in your post because Google gives you priority. Include lots of links in your post. Label your post with loads of relevant keywords. Share your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus...etc. I have links to social media on my website. It's kind of like a big circle. Each venue takes you to the next one! Include links to all of your social media venues. Post regularly. I think that's about it! Happy posting...