The Worst Bushfires In A Decade - Sydney Bushfire Smoke Over Chatswood

This is where I live. Chatswood. 

Last night on my way home from a meeting, the wind changed direction and the smoke from over 100 burning bushfires smothered our town. Sydney Morning Herald touts that these are the "worst in more than a decade".

my street

I woke this morning to find out that 34 of these fires are uncontained, out of control. Mother nature is MAD! 

Possibly 100's of families have lost their homes and everything in or around them including pets and livestock. A devastating tragedy. 

What makes me mad is that some of these fires were most likely caused by someone carelessly tossing a cigarette out of their car window...seriously. How stupid are these people??

Thankful for the cooler day today as I am certain all of our brave firefighters are too. I hope it is all under control very soon.


Here is how you can help: 

Members of the public who wish to help are asked to do so via the Salvation Army donation appeal on or call on 137258

I'm off to the Salvo's!


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