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Rustic Australian Countryside - The small town of Rylstone

It happened. A rare weekend when I wasn't shooting for a client! So I threw the camera in the car and headed three hours out of Sydney to the Central Tablelands. 
I visited a friend's property, Lindoway, in Rylstone, a small town with a population of 615 people and at least 10 times that in sheep!

There are 65 sheep on Lindoway and this is as close as I could get as they are quite skittish. The leader sheep lets out a massive Baa (he tried to sound scary but Baa still sounds cute to me) then they all take off. 

Today is particularly warm 30 degrees celsius but it did cool considerably in the evening. 

There don't seem to be any mosquitos but the flies certainly make up for it. The great Aussie salute probably originated here! So many flies...

There are always jobs to do on a property and today one of them was to install the letterbox. A little reward to ourselves for our hard work was a little nature walk.

Behind The Scenes - Ronan Keating, Mirusia, Danielle Spencer and more donate time to ACMF

When the producers at Hixon Films asked me to be a part of this project, I accepted without hesitation. 

Firstly, being able to work with seriously talented, award winning producers Alex and Catherine was extremely appealing. 

Then, being able to support Australian Children's Music Fund (ACMF) was an easy one for me. Such an  incredible organisation providing music to children that might not normally have access to it. 

For me, it was personal. I couldn't imagine life without music. Music saved me. Through my brothers schizophrenic beatings, my mother's attempted suicide and the other childhood stresses, I was safe because I was able to channel my emotions into piano, singing and violin. I was one of the lucky ones.
Shooting at Key Studio in North Sydney, the line up of support was pretty incredible and made for an amazingly fun day! I met Peter Northcote in the hall whilst we waited for the studio to open. What a fun and happy person. You can see it in the pic above. An all a…

LinkedIn Headshot Session with a twist! - Portrait Shoot in Chatswood, Sydney Studio

Generally, we go for the more conservative background colours but for this LinkedIn headshot session, we not only got to break out the coloured backdrops, we also got to shoot some more dramatic black and white portraits.

Why not, right? You want to stand out, make a statement. Especially on LinkedIn. If you scroll through all those profiles, you know who is going to make the biggest impact. Mike here will. One, because he took the time to have a professional photo but also because he chose a fabulous blue. 

We still shot on the more conservative background but now Mike has choices! 

These images are perfect for a variety of purposes not only for LinkedIn but for his website, professional organisation website, Facebook profile and as a gift for his wife!

Keywords The Key To Top Rated Google Searches - Top Lawyer LinkedIn Profile Photo Session

The smart and lovely Family Lawyer Anjli, was my subject for this session.

Anjli needed some headshots for her LinkedIn profile as well as her website for her firm, Western Sydney Legal Practice.

As we needed images for a variety of purposes, we shot on different coloured backgrounds and changed outfits a few times. 

Anjli ended up using the red for the LinkedIn which I just love. Scrolling down all of the LinkedIn profiles, she definitely makes an impression!

As search engines are unable to read images, it is important to load them with keywords and alt tags so that you can be found. It also increases ratings in Google searches. So we loaded Anjli's images for her LinkedIn and Website with relevant keywords including services they provide and location information. This is a service that we provide at no extra charge, so just come to your next shoot armed with your very own Keywords and we will stack them into your profile images!

See you at The Studio!

Walking Sydney - City to St Leonards

I joined this meetup group some time ago but haven't managed a walk until now. I am so pleased that I finally did.

We met in Lang Park in York Street. Our fearless leader, Sean handed us each a map and a few tips and suggestions for staying safe and then we were on our way.

Setting a pretty fast pace, we headed to Observatory Hill where we quickly stopped to regroup then walked over the Bridge to Kirribilli. There is a water fountain here, so a good spot to refill our water bottles.

Here is my map. The part to The Bridge is a little dodgy because of the GPS (I forgot to turn it on..doh!) but the rest is good. You can get to the Bridge numerous ways in any case.