Hobbiton Movie Set Tour - A Definite New Zealand Must Do

I have not read or seen Lord of The Rings, yet I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I had read The Hobbit  and watched the film so I, had some idea and of course, know of the legendary director Peter Jackson.

Still, I found the entire village fascinating, even magical. This was not only due to sets and scenery but the fabulous stories told by our host like how the location was discovered, how news of the location leaked, how trees were planted and leaves handsewn, what filming tricks were used and where certain scenes were actually filmed. 

I just adored the Hobbit homes. Maybe because I'm actually hobbit sized myself. 

I hesitate to show you so many pictures because I really think you should go and experience it for yourself but if you have no immediate plans to visit, feel free to look on.


 This is the Party Tree where Bilbo's 111th and Frodo's 33rd (coming of age) birthday took place. 
The Party Tree

Almost at The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon From afar

Inside the Green Dragon

 If you don't think you will get to visit and want to read more about how the Hobbiton village came about, Steve Meacham does a great job in his Traveller article of relaying these stories as told by the family and our guide. There is also plenty of information on the Hobbiton website.

Meantime, thanks for stopping by this blog to look at the photos and I do hope you get a chance to visit.

Nina Beilby is a professional photographer based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can see more of her work at www.ninabeilby.com.au

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Thanks for visiting!


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