The Saddest Part Was Watching These Kids

Not All Kids Go To School

The last few posts, we have talked about the amazing work that is being done at The Sangtawan School in Thailand.  Education, nourishment and emotional support for a small group of Cambodian children who would otherwise be neglected. Well, these are the neglected ones...

The absolutely saddest part of this visit was to watch these kids who are not at the school, peer through the windows and hover in the doorways hoping that a small amount of teaching will make its way into their thoughts. They stare and wonder that maybe one day, they will be the chosen ones.

I hope they are chosen too.

Where exactly is Sangtawan School?

Sangtawan School is in Khlong Hat District, Sa Kaeo, Thailand. (13°25'50.8"N 102°21'23.7"E) Right near the border of Cambodia and Ban Khao Din Checkpoint. 

It took us a total of 4 hours to get here by bus from Bangkok. As it really is the middle of nowhere, we stayed in Sa Kaeo town and bused in to the school each morning which was a 45-55 minute trip including a suspenseful stop at a military checkpoint.

The border checkpoint was only officially made permanent in March of 2018 to encourage trade between the two countries.

Walking the kids to the border

The team waves goodbye to the children as they cross the border

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