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Beautiful Teen Girl Portraits and Family Portrait In The Studio

These sessions are a favourite because the Teens transform in front of your eyes. 

It's not just about the hair and makeup. I get guys in the studio too. It's because they have the freedom to express themselves for who they are and we have a lot of fun. 

For this shoot, we did have hair and makeup by the amazing MJ Park. We also added a Family Portrait session in at the end.

After makeup and hair

You can see more of the shoot here.

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Fashion Style Teen Portrait with Lighting Setups

One of my favourite portraits to shoot are Teen Portraits. They are happy to break the rules a little and do something a little less conventional, in this case a little more fashion orientated.

We were lucky enough to have the fabulous Mijung Park for Makeup and Hair today. We have worked together quite a bit but usually business makeup so this was fun for us.

We started with a natural look as in the picture above before moving to a more dramatic look.

For this first image, I used a three light setup. Alien Bee 1600 on the lowest setting with a 30 degree grid for the background which is my 50% painted gray wall.

A Beauty Dish to the model's left, almost beside her and pointed down at a about a 30 degree angle. Laying vertically about waist height was a silver reflector to bounce some of the light back up and rid us of some of the shadows.

Camera Settings
Canon 1D X
85mm lens
1/160th @ f5.6

Four small changes make a big difference with this lighting setup. 
I added a giant Octobox with a gri…

Beautiful Portraits of a Young Woman-Fun Photo Fashion Shoot

Everyday that I shoot, it is a fun day for me because I simply love what I do. Today was a little more fun than usual because we got to play with various new lighting setups, some props and hair blowing which I don't normally use in my business portrait sessions or my swim photos!

Dustyn is the Mackay representative for Lipsense Lip Colour as well as managing her own Youtube How-To Makeup  Channel so she knows how to apply a mean lipstick. The rest was up to us.

Dustyn hasn't modeled before but I think that you'll agree that the camera really likes her. The following are completely unedited images.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Camera - The most awesome Canon 1D X.. Lens - Canon 85mm Aperture - 5.6 on the white images and 2.0 on the blue ones
Lighting This lighting diagram is for the images with the white background. Alien Bee B1600 with Beauty Dish as main light Westcott Luminator Reflector for fill Alien Bee B1600 with Bounce Umbrellas for the background
Pretty simple - just a Giant Octabox…

Beautiful Teen Girl Portrait- Funny Faces-Too Much Fun!

After a few hours of shooting, set changes, outfit and hairstyle changes, we decided to blow off some steam. Just in the casual shirt she came in, Shelly sat for some fun natural shots. We were trying to get the fan going to blow back her hair but it was a mess and we just ended up laughing. The real fun started when Shelly began pulling some amazing expressions. It strikes me how beautiful she remained even when she contorted her face so!