The Love Story Part 2 - He Is My Destiny

He kept on in my thoughts. I wished him well on notable occasions, Christmas and New Year. He shared photos from Amsterdam and reported on his visit to the Klimt/Schiele exhibition that he saw before Christmas. I sent him the articles I'd written about my Cambodian trip. We each share about our respective visits to the theatre, and he expressed his excitement and anxiety about moving into a new apartment, his Brave New World.

Nina looking pretty ready to date to forget about Russ Hines

By February, I was still unable to get him out of my mind. I tried dating as a distraction. eHarmony, speed dating, Bumble, even Tinder! No sparks, not even a fizzle. I went out with one guy that seemed OK, but he wasn't happy when I commented how he seemed to be dating quite soon after his wife had died. It wasn't a judgement: I was interested. Needless to say, I didn't hear from him again. Self-sabotage? Maybe.

I tried to absorb myself in my work and daily life. I took up teaching the Photography Diploma at TAFE in addition to running my corporate headshot photography studio and occasionally shooting the swimming out at the Olympic Park. In addition, I volunteered for the Humor Organisation photographing The Clown Doctors in action at Westmead Children's Hospital.

If my work didn't keep me busy enough, I had four young adults living with me who required my physical and emotional attention. Whilst they did make some meals, I enjoyed cooking their main meal each day after work. Parenting alone was a huge challenge and meals felt like the one way I could still connect with them.

A martini on a table in a dimly lit bar called The Swinging Cat

Whilst the whirlwind of my daily life was going on, I was still in the midst of divorce proceedings. This took a huge emotional toll as well as a physical and financial one. So, remaining physically and socially active was extremely important to me. Staying connected with friends was a huge support, and so I kept up my walks and occasional evenings out to the theatre, ballet or drinks whenever I could.

One such evening I was sipping a martini on a plush sofa in the elegant Swinging Cat bar with a group of friends. The conversation turned to me, and my love life. I mentioned the encounter I'd had and how, as much as I had tried, I couldn't stop thinking about him. How perfectly compatible we seemed and that there was a prodding instinct that we were meant to be together but that sadly he was in London.

One lady replied "What are you waiting for? Buy a ticket to London!"

And so I did...

The story continues here...



As it does, life took a devastating sideways turn for me. With fierce determination, I quit my teaching job, shut down my photography business, packed up my apartment, hired an agent and rented it out on Airbnb, bought a ticket to London and embarked on an adventure of discovery, both about the world and myself. I’ve learned a great deal about people, places and myself. I’m happy that you are here for the ride. Nina x

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