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Location Headshots Give A Consistent Professional Look To Company Website

As well as getting images of the entire available staff at once, what I love about location shoots is that the client gets a consistent look across all of their images. This in turn gives their website a uniformity that communicates professionalism. When the "ABOUT" page on a website hosts a number of images which are inconsistent, it makes that company look in incohesive, or even disjointed.

The gear and the photographer also make a difference. We had another photographer shoot in another State with my instructions and the images were completely different. So I guess the only real way to get true consistency is to use the same photographer as best as the budget allows. Sometimes this means waiting for the next board meeting and doing the photo session then!

Nina Beilby is a professional photographer and photography educator based in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia. You can…

Fashion Style Teen Portrait with Lighting Setups

One of my favourite portraits to shoot are Teen Portraits. They are happy to break the rules a little and do something a little less conventional, in this case a little more fashion orientated.

We were lucky enough to have the fabulous Mijung Park for Makeup and Hair today. We have worked together quite a bit but usually business makeup so this was fun for us.

We started with a natural look as in the picture above before moving to a more dramatic look.

For this first image, I used a three light setup. Alien Bee 1600 on the lowest setting with a 30 degree grid for the background which is my 50% painted gray wall.

A Beauty Dish to the model's left, almost beside her and pointed down at a about a 30 degree angle. Laying vertically about waist height was a silver reflector to bounce some of the light back up and rid us of some of the shadows.

Camera Settings
Canon 1D X
85mm lens
1/160th @ f5.6

Four small changes make a big difference with this lighting setup. 
I added a giant Octobox with a gri…

Shoot The Chef - #shootthechef 2013

Chef Guest and Chef Rumble met at the fabulous Bilson's restaurant. Since it closed its doors the two chefs have gone on to the kitchens of Sydney's best - Sepia, Quay and Rockpool. Despite working opposing shifts, their relationship has ripened and they have recently become engaged.

I wanted the love of food and the love of the two chefs to come together in one image. We had been wanting to put something together for a while but trying to co-ordinate the schedules of not one but two busy chefs plus one super busy photographer was a challenge..but this is what we came up with. I hope you like it.

We have entered the image into Shoot The Chef competition for fun. If you would like to vote, just click here and click the thumbs up button. Thank you!