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Smartphone Photography Tips with Wide Angle Lens

Interloop Sculpture Installation - Taken with the Samsung S7 without additional lens Following on from my previous post on the Olixar Macro lens , another fun part of the Smartphone Lens Kit is a .36x Super Wide Angle Lens.  There is still nothing like setting up my Canon 5Ds with 16-35mm lens onto a tripod for spectacular city and landscape images but when I'm travelling around with just my phone, this lens kit is a perfect alternative. To test it out, I headed to downtown Sydney, firstly to the scultpure,  Interloop by Chris Fox  where it hangs in Wynyard Station. Upside - Get everything into your frame The above pic was taken straight up with the Samsung S7. Its nice and sharp and bright but we've lost the edges of the sculpture. Below, I've added the super wide lens and I now have everything in the photo. Downside - Loss of quality, light and some distortion. I've lost a little light. The photo isn't as sharp and the edges are qui

Five Favourite Apps This Year 2018 - so far!

I love apps that make my life easier! Some of these are for everyday use, some photography related. Whilst these apps may not be new to the market, they are certainly new to me.  1. Send Anywhere  - Best File Transfer  A file transfer App that blows everything else out of the water. You can send files to colleagues or friends, between devices and between your PC and phone. Real time transfer is cool. There is a limit in file size of 4GB which is generous and you can also transfer entire folders of data. Most apps only allow you to upload one file at a time. Phone to Phone My friend was sitting next to me and sent me a bunch of movies and music. You both have to have the app. Then he pressed send which creates a number. You type in the number and receive the files. The 2GB of data took around 5 minutes. Desktop I've been using this on my desktop to send large amounts of images to clients and it works perfectly. What I love that when you click the link, it down

5 Tips for Smart Phone Macro Photography

For a bit of fun, I ordered myself the Olixar lenses for my Smartphone for Christmas. This afternoon I had a few minutes spare so I picked a small branch off our Boungainvillea and set it in front of the camera. 1. Macro Lens I have the Olixar lens set. $22 from MobileZap. Clips on to any smart phone. 2. Tripod . It's really challenging to hold the phone still whilst focusing with the Macro lens attached  so I set it up on a mini tripod. This one is a  Fotolux Mini Tripod - $25 from Photo-Shop Studio . Its not great but does the job. If you can afford more get a better tripod. 3. Steady the subject. The small breeze coming through the kitchen window was enough to move the flowers so that I wasn't able to get a shot so I had to stabilise it on a glass vase. You can use anything. Maybe some tape too. 4. Add Light. I added a little LED ring light onto the flowers so they popped a little and it was also a little easier to focus. You could use a torch or l