5 Tips for Smart Phone Macro Photography

For a bit of fun, I ordered myself the Olixar lenses for my Smartphone for Christmas. This afternoon I had a few minutes spare so I picked a small branch off our Boungainvillea and set it in front of the camera.

1. Macro Lens
I have the Olixar lens set. $22 from MobileZap. Clips on to any smart phone.

2. Tripod. It's really challenging to hold the phone still whilst focusing with the Macro lens attached  so I set it up on a mini tripod. This one is a Fotolux Mini Tripod - $25 from Photo-Shop Studio. Its not great but does the job. If you can afford more get a better tripod.

3. Steady the subject. The small breeze coming through the kitchen window was enough to move the flowers so that I wasn't able to get a shot so I had to stabilise it on a glass vase. You can use anything. Maybe some tape too.

4. Add Light. I added a little LED ring light onto the flowers so they popped a little and it was also a little easier to focus. You could use a torch or lamp or any other light.

5. Use the timer. It is too easy to bump the phone when taking the shot so use the timer or a remote if you have one.

Be Creative and have fun. Would love to see your images.

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