Five Favourite Apps This Year 2018 - so far!

I love apps that make my life easier! Some of these are for everyday use, some photography related. Whilst these apps may not be new to the market, they are certainly new to me. 

1. Send Anywhere - Best File Transfer 

A file transfer App that blows everything else out of the water.

You can send files to colleagues or friends, between devices and between your PC and phone.

Real time transfer is cool.

There is a limit in file size of 4GB which is generous and you can also transfer entire folders of data. Most apps only allow you to upload one file at a time.

Phone to Phone
My friend was sitting next to me and sent me a bunch of movies and music. You both have to have the app. Then he pressed send which creates a number. You type in the number and receive the files. The 2GB of data took around 5 minutes.

I've been using this on my desktop to send large amounts of images to clients and it works perfectly. What I love that when you click the link, it downloads all of the files immediately. Other drives and apps make you download them one at a time!

Apple to Android, Windows to Safari
 to The thing I love most is that I can send it easily between my devices plus Mac to Android, Windows to Safari etc... the easiest option I have found so far.

Downloads are available for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Kindle.

2. Pocket - Saves all of your internet links into one app
This is awesome. My daughter is always telling me, "Mum, you have too many tabs open! It slows your computer down." Not only that, it is a little messy and there is the possibility of loosing the tabs in any case.

Pocket lets you save all of these internet links into the app for later. Just hit the share button and choose the "add to pocket" app. Easy. Not only that, the app optimises the article for mobile viewing.

Not only that. If you save a weblink from your PC, you can read it later on your mobile. No need to have 200 tabs open and best of all, you never 

3. PhotoPills - The Super Moon of Photo Apps
This app was recommended to me by my RA Specialist, who also happens to be an Astro Photographer. I can see this app quickly becoming my new obsession as I explore the world of landscapes, milky way and star trails.

On a recent trip to New Zealand, I was marvelling at the countryside and thought, wouldn't it be great to get this shot with the Milky Way in it. Well, with PhotoPills you can figure out when and where the milky way will appear and plan out your shoot.  I've simplified it somewhat so I suggest you watch the video.

It costs $14.99 but worth every penny. It is available for Apple or Android.

3. SyncMe - See the name and face of the people calling you
I've been using this one for a while and couldn't live without it. Still one of my faves for 2018.

When someone calls my mobile, SyncMe tells me who is calling along with a little photo so I have a clear understanding of who I am talking to (or don't want to talk to!).

5. Nabo connects you to your neighbours and local events.

Join a like-minded group within your neighbourhood, like walking, fitness, Rotary club, senior groups, mums and bubs.

Local Business 
Owning a small business myself, I love this directory within the app. I always to prefer to shop local when possible.

Artist Exhibits, Children Art Workshops, Robotics, Library booksales

and more...

Would love to hear about your favourite apps!

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