London On The Move

Coca Cola London Eye from Westminster Bridge April London 2019
London Eye from Westminster Bridge as a Red tourist bus passes

On a recent visit, I found London to be a bustling hive of activity. Everyone was one the move. Tourists, shoppers, out of town visitors, theatre goers and locals alike.

In addition to all of this busy scurrying, add thousands of passionate climate change protesters and supporters who blocked major thoroughfares and brought out regiments of regular and anti riot police squads. If that wasn't enough activity, one of the world's largest sporting events, The London Marathon brought tens of thousands out onto the streets that very same week.

Climate Change Protesters at Parliament Square

National Portrait Gallery
To give a feel for this bustling city, I decided to photograph London on the move by using movement in my images. I did this numerous ways, all with just my camera, no Photoshop. Sometimes I used, long exposures, sometimes rotated the lens, used multiple exposures and even moved the actual camera. It took some practice, especially the Tower Bridge and the geometric image from The Tate, but it was worth it. I was very happy with the images.

Archway, hall and light in The Tate

Hallway in The Tate

Photograph gallery in The Tate

Geometric hallway at The Tate

The slightly washed out look of these Tower Bridge images were inspired by some JMW Turner paintings that I saw whilst I was in the Tate Gallery. I added the moving part.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

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Nina Beilby is a professional photographer and photography educator with a background in Corporate IT.

She is based in Chatswood, Sydney Australia. You can see her work at the following:



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